Saturday, December 9, 2006

Paula's Pot Roast

When the weather turns as cold as it has here in Chicago, a girl's thoughts turn to her best friend (the Crock Pot.) There is nothing like the comforting little chatter of the lid on the pot when you walk in the door. It says, "dinner's hot and ready for you!" More specifically, my thoughts turn to pot roast when the weather becomes inhospitable.

I use Paula Deen's recipe, which you can still find here. The only things I do differently is that I add potatoes, carrots, and celery to make it a "one-pot" meal. It would be just as nice without the potatoes, though, and over some egg noodles. I also tend to use red wine instead of the Chardonnay, because I think it tends to have a deeper flavor with red meat. Also, we hardly ever have Chardonnay because I drink red.

I've also diced raw squash (like acorn squash) and added that, which turned out great as a fall-themed meal. It tastes great when there's leaves on the ground, or four feet of snow like today!

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