Monday, December 18, 2006

Chicken Limone

Forgot to post yesterday, so... two today!

By the by, I have begun to resize my photos. So if they take a while to load, I apologize. This will be corrected in future!

Here is another instance of me looking at no recipe and getting away with it fairly well. I had some chicken breast strips that I wanted to use, and I thought they would be tasty double-dipped in flour and fried. At first, that's as far as my thinking went.

After removing the chicken, I mopped up a lot of the leftover oil and only some of the crispy bits from the pan, then added butter and a little more flour. I added some wine, chicken stock, and fresh lemon juice alternately to de-glaze the pan and thin the sauce as it thickened.

I boiled up some pasta, added drained capers and poured the sauce over the chicken and voila! Chicken limone.

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