Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Honey Mustard

It never occurred to me until I worked in a restaurant that one could make one's own honey mustard dressing. With just honey. And mustard. I worked for years as a waitress, and everywhere I worked, someone would ask me, "Do you have honey mustard?" If you have a good server, the answer is yes. If your server answers, "No," he or she is lazy. And believe me, I answered "no" on a very busy night or two.

If you like it sort of zippy and spicy, then just use those two ingredients. I like mine a little creamier (like shown), so in that case you just whisk in a little mayo (of course I'm still using the Just Too Good! stuff). That's it!

This photo is from a little get-together I had in which I just chopped up a bunch of salad toppings, had some crumble cheeses and meats out, and let everyone make their own chef or Cobb salad. It was a fun idea for a fairly hot day. Remember those?

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