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Cooking Something Questionable at Best
Welcome to my dinner project. Lemme ‘splain.

Some years ago, I saw my brother snap a picture of a dinner he had made and arranged attractively on a plate. I had been tempted to do the same many times, and I began doing it pretty often after that. I didn’t know why I did it. I don’t know why I do it now. I am not a great photographer – at least, at this time I have not mastered the “foodie close-up shot” – and I am a good cook but certainly not a great chef. Still, when you have the real motivation to do something, and you can’t really verbalize why you do it, I believe you should probably follow those instincts. Granted, some of those people are labeled “serial killers.” But some are “pure artists.” I’m not sure what this particular example of mine is, but I suppose at worst, I’m not hurting anybody. As my mom said (by way of explanation) to a quizzical waitress when I whipped out my camera at a small diner, “she likes to take pictures of food.” That’s about the size of it, I guess.

Sometimes I take pictures of food that I’ve gotten as take-out. Sometimes I take pictures of it in restaurants (much to the delight of my family). Most of the time I take pictures of something I’ve made at home. In these instances, I’ll try and provide what passes in my kitchen for a recipe. I cook the way my father used to cook, and that isn’t an easy thing to communicate to someone else. I cook with what is in the fridge, make it up as I go along, I hardly ever measure anything, and sometimes I forget what I put into something and it will never come out the same way twice (which I’m actually hoping this site will help me out with – as in, “yeah, what the hell DID I have for dinner?”) I also never cook anything at the same temperature more than once, because I usually am just winging it. We call this cooking style, “From the Hip.” This is why I don’t bake very much. Not enough leeway. I need to be able to vary my ingredients on a whim, and even leave out a few. So if you’re looking for really exact recipes every time, you’ll be sorely disappointed here. I can provide an outline and a general idea to share, but I can’t always provide science. Love to, can’t. It’s an ingrained lifestyle at this point.

 Featuring Great Pics of Food, and Awful Photos of Me. Cheers!

Of course, sometimes I use a "celebrity chef's" recipe (or I base something on that recipe, since I can never be bothered to write anything down) because I watch endless hours of FoodTV and other shows. I will always give credit if what I've made was influenced by something I remember seeing. Please don't sue me.

I have lots of photos amassed, but I am only just now beginning to write descriptions and recipes. I never knew anyone would see these except for me, until lo, this idea emerged. I will be adding to these over time. Believe me, there’s more! And hopefully my photography will improve.

If you would like to locate my previous entries by category (eg., chicken, beef, veggies) click on the "Search Entries by Category" menu bar to the right. You can also browse through the archives.

My food "philosophy" involves all of the following:

· Making food that I call “nutritionally dense,” but not necessarily low fat. I don’t diet, but I manage to stay pretty trim eating the way I do. Still, I have to have food that is exciting enough to hold my interest over the long haul. If dinner one night has more calories, I just exercise portion control, and make something a bit lighter the next night. In September 2012, I became a vegan cook that is dragging my family along behind me. My girls have never shown an interest in meat (even in the days I attempted to push it onto them) beyond the occasional meatball. They show a preference for the fake chicken nuggets over the real ones. My husband still likes meat and eggs. So now, the food here will reflect my "blended family." The food I eat makes me feel great, but mostly I just try to please my own palate. So no preaching. You no like? You no make.

· This part used to read, "I never make anything that takes too long. I don't have the patience, and I just want to get to the part where you eat it." Well, I now feel that in order to be a successful vegan, and to be truly healthy, you have to make a lot of things from scratch. I do this on the weekends, during the week when I'm home with the kids, and try to stockpile to the freezer as much as possible.

· I don't use a lot of artificial flavorings, colorings, sugar, or make a whole lot of crap that will rot your teeth. I'm a dental hygienist, aw right? Still, I'm endlessly fascinated with the look of things that have no nutritional value. Pink and green cupcakes are beautiful and great for photos. They are also a part of a life with children. I'm just not gonna eat them. I know. I'm weird. We've established that.

· I will also drop some brand names now and again. To date I can assure you no one is paying me. I just like to share good stuff when I find it. If you have any good stuff to share, or would like to let me know your spin on these things or your own recipes, feel free to "like" my facebook page (right side over there), and send me a message. I’d love to hear your comments, or see photos of what you’re eating lately. For dinner people. For dinner. Keep clear of me with the freaky stuff.

Me, Showing I Can Count to Two with Pie

Anyway, I love food very, very much, and for some reason, I document it. So, if you’re interested for whatever reason... here’s what we’re having for dinner.

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