Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Belated Chanukah... and Christmas

I've just gotten back from California! I will be posting tons now in an effort to make up for dropping the ball on my "daily posts" promise while I was out there. But you know, sometimes you are just too busy eating to post to your blog about eating.

Last Christmas, brother David and our friend Niki were out here in the midwest to celebrate... and this year I got to be out with them. This is the festive cookie they brought me last year, which came with its own edible food markers with which you could decorate the cookie. I took a picture of my efforts, of course.

It was fun to do, and a great tabletop item... But I had dropped it (note the crack) and upon hearing the sound of shattered ceramic, decided not to attempt eating it.

Stay tuned for this year's cookie decorating efforts!

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