Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Oatmeal Scotchies

I'm not really into baking. If you've read my "User Info" page, you know this is because I find that I have to be too precise. However, my need for cookies with chips in them forces me to put my baker's hat on, because I haven't had any from the store yet that really compare with even the crappiest batch of homemade, warm cookies. Plus, you get a ton of them for a lot less money. My friend Brooke has inspired me to double the chips in just about all my cookie recipes. Chris often asks me why I don't just eat the chips, because isn't it really those that I'm interested in? Or, why not just melt them down, and mainline them into a vein, he asks? I tell him that the chocolate cools too fast and clogs up the needle, stupid. Sheeshh.

I changed up my chocolate chip habit recently and made this batch of "scotchies." (I'm not sure how the Scotts came to be synonymous with both a buttery flavor and a breed of little black dogs, but I guess those are both pretty good things to have your name attached to. Not so for the poor Gypsies... I still hear people say they got "gypped" fairly often.) Anyway, do I digress? I won't bother copying the recipe, because it's just the one on the back of the butterscotch chips bag. For this batch, I ran about a cup low on oats, and substituted the rest with more flour -- and they still came out fine. A little cakier, but they definitely scratched the itch.

Shown is about single serving, plus one glass of milk. Because I'm watching my figure.

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