Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Buffalo Grove Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Chris and I stopped by the Buffalo Grove Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor on a hot day when I didn't feel like grocery shopping OR cooking. The service was pretty lousy, and by that I mean incredibly slow, yet disarmingly apologetic. The other bad news is that the matza ball soup was very mediocre:

They might have called it Mush with Boullion Cube, though I don't know if it would have sold so well. Chris' omelette was all right, but didn't look spectacular:

If we ever return, however, it will be because my club sandwich was an absolute perfect "10": a light coat of heavy restaurant-quality mayo, lettuce, tomato, well-done bacon, wheat toast, and real carved turkey. It was a thing of beauty:

Overall, I would recommend the sandwich. They also had a very wide array of creative ice cream sundaes and treats, which we did not sample. I would go back to try those.

I was also pleased to see that the silverware was magnetized, which I haven't witnessed since Denny's Restaurant in 1991, when our friend Chris C. made an elaborate working sculpture that clicked together in a domino effect:

Between the sandwich, the ice cream we didn't try, and the magnetic forks? Worth the money, no question.

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