Thursday, August 3, 2006

Chicken Kebabs

I have two versions of these kebabs: the full-on version, as shown above -- which usually comes about because I have onions and peppers on hand -- and the lazier version. I do the lazier version when I don't feel like pushing the meat onto kebabs. I like to have hummus and brown rice with both versions, as shown below.

I start by either cubing (for kebabs), or cutting the chicken into strips (which I place right onto the grill). I put the chicken into a gallon Ziploc bag (can't live without those things). I add a liberal dusting of mediterranean seasoning, enough olive oil to well-coat, and the juice of a couple of lemons or limes. Close the bag and sort of massage your meat (insert obvious joke here) until the ingredients are all combined. I marinate them for a couple hours to overnight (no longer, because the citrus will actually cook the chicken a little.)

Grill or roast the chicken, and serve in on brown rice, or dip in your favorite hummus!

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