Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Marshall Field's Chicken Salad

When I worked downtown, we often went over to the greatest salad bar in the world: in the basement of Marshall Field's. (Now that Field's has been purchased by Macy's, I dunno if it is still there or not. I'm not downtown anymore, either. Nice thing I ripped off their chicken salad while the getting was good). This salad is fantastic! Here are the ingredients as I approximated them:

~ 2 cups canned chicken, or fresh shredded chicken
~ ½ cup dried or fresh blueberries (blackberries work, too)
fresh chopped rosemary to taste, or ground dried rosemary
~ ½ cup gorgonzola or bleu cheese crumbles
~ ½ cup pounded or ground walnuts or pecans
lemon juice, 1 or 2 tablespoons
extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

Drain or shred the chicken, and add as much of the other ingredients as you like. I don't often have fresh blueberries or rosemary, so I usually end up using dried blueberries from Costco and canned chicken (then this is a convenient "pantry" salad). I grind the dried rosemary in a coffee grinder that I use for spices, because the dried stuff tends to stick in your teeth. I add olive oil and mix until the salad is moist and hangs together (this can be up to ½ cup or so). The salad is rich and I usually have a scoop of it on a bed of mixed greens with a little dressing drizzled around the edges. I like Paul Newman's Raspberry and Walnut Light dressing.

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