Friday, July 28, 2006


Chris and I recently went to a place he's been wanting to try: L'Appetito in Glenview, IL. They sell all kinds of Italian food and sandwiches. I've also read that they are starting other locations, but they are still family-owned. When we got there, I stood inside for a good 10 minutes trying to decide what to have... We decided, first and foremost, to try the arrancini. Those are balls of risotto, stuffed with meat sauce or mozzarella, and breaded and fried. We had them passed as an appetizer at our wedding reception at Monastero's in Chicago, but I was so busy with the chatting and whatnot I never got to try one:

Chris said he preferred the ones at Monastero's, because he thought they were a little spicier. Well, I couldn't compare, but I thought these were crispy, mild and delicious. They had meat sauce, mozzarella and even peas and carrots in the center.

Chris got a sandwich with prosciutto and mozzarella:

Mine was called the "melanzana," and had eggplant in it. It was delicious!

For dessert, I had straciatelli (chocolate chip) gelato, and Chris had a mixed-berry sorbet (he so loves those fruity flavors. (And yes, he is "all man"):

I definitely want to go back and try everything! Next time, I will have a cannoli, and try their cappucino...

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