Friday, July 27, 2007

Trader Joe's Green Soup

This is a simple soup I like to make from my booty from Trader Joe's. TJ's used to offer a frozen mixed greens bag, containing spinach, broccoli, green beans, and edamame. At our location, however, the mix disappeared around the time of the Great Spinach Scare, and hasn't reappeared since. Now I have to buy each vegetable, and add them separately. I mean, this soup used to be so simple. Now I have to open four individual bags. Sheesh, what am I, some kind of soup-making machine?

Trader Joe's soup and sausage

Anyway, what I do is brown and chop Joe's feta and spinach chicken sausages, then add them to the Crockpot. In the slowcooker, I also add a bit of each veggie (frozen right out of the bag), about a cup or two of aneletti or other small pasta, diced onion and garlic to taste, and enough chicken broth to fill the thing. I just let it all simmer together until the pasta is cooked (on high).

Make sure to pile it high with parmesan or romano when you dish it up, of course...


  1. Why must you continually make me lust after Trader Joes? Why? The sweet potato fries. The feta and spinach chicken sausage. Must I remind you that some of us live in SOUTHEAST MISSOURI? Have a heart.
    Just kiddin'. Keep posting. I'll eat mine out. :)

  2. This looks awesome! I will definitely try it. = Paul