Monday, July 23, 2007

Mediterranean Summer Pizza

I did it again... I found myself a couple of weeks ago without any marinara sauce. Or canned tomatoes. Or fresh tomatoes. And of course, what I really wanted to make was pizza. Could I make a pizza without it, I wondered, that wouldn't be dry, hard, and suitable only for a game of Frisbee?

Well, this pizza is what resulted. And it was light, summery, and very, very good.

mediterranean pizza

I grilled two small chicken breasts (one large would do) with my usual mediterranean seasoning, alongside some asparagus (just a few spears). I chopped those, and mixed them in a bowl with crumbled feta, half a diced red onion, and some diced Greek olives (I used black and green mixed, but I think either one, or just Sicilian olives would be great). Lastly, I added the juice of one small lemon, and the grated zest.

I brushed the whole-wheat (prepared) crust with extra-virgin olive oil, and added minced garlic before spreading on the diced toppings. Then I drizzled with just a little a bit more oil, and added a light amount of shredded cheese (there was already feta, after all) and some Italian dried seasoning on top.

Then I just baked it at the recommended temperature for the pizza crust until the toppings were gold and bubbly. It was hearty and fresh, and we didn't miss the sauce at all.

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  1. We do pizza every Friday and I'm always looking for new ideas. I love the sound of this pizza - all the flavors of a Greek salad. Yum!