Thursday, July 26, 2007

Deviled Eggs

What's spring or summer without a deviled egg? Answer, "a sad one, indeed."

deviled eggs

I made these awhile ago -- on Easter, I believe -- and neglected to post them. But in going through my files, they looked so yummy I didn't want to forget about them.

I had boiled the eggs, and had a dickens of a time getting the shells off, even under cold running water. In "Googling" a solution to this, I found a patent for a shell ripper, (which I assume has become the "Eggstractor" you see on TV), but who wants to buy a new item? I don't have the room for that in my tiny kitchen. Not when the unused waffle-maker is collecting enough dust for everyone. Then I read several threads which had such useful recommendations as "crack the shell all over," and "cool off the eggs." Really? You mean the egg is INSIDE that shell thing..? And I shouldn't peel them boiling hot? Wow, I didn't know that. Sheesh.

Some did say not to overcook the eggs (10 minutes only), to simmer in salt and vinegar, and to use older eggs (because gas has permeated the shell). Guess I'll try those next time... Anyone else know any tricks?

Anyway, I used a hand mixer for the yolks. I added:

  • a dollop of Just Too Good! mayo

  • about a tablespoon of vinegar

  • a little sugar

  • a couple shots of hot sauce

  • garlic and onion powder

  • a little dijon mustard

  • salt and pepper

That's pretty much it... I just kept playing with it until I liked the taste. I used a hand-mixer, and then a pastry bag to pipe it on all pretty-like. However, even the smallest unbroken piece of yolk clogged up the whole works and required extraction... So I think next time I will put the whole deal into the food processor, whir it up, and break up the yolks very well before I add the mayo and liquids. Or find a bigger nozzle...

Even with the poor peeling, and the nozzle problems, they came out quite pretty and very tasty. They were a little zippy, just how I like them. I dusted them with paprika. I could have added some fresh dill to the inside, but this batch was destined for a family affair, and I decided to just put little sprigs on the top so that anyone who didn't like it could just take it off.

How do you like your deviled eggs (with more, or less "devil")?


  1. Nice presentation!

    Eva would gobble those up.

  2. I wish she had... I made way too many. It looks right for six or seven people, doesn't it..? :)

  3. Ooooh...I love deviled eggs. I only get to enjoy them once a year at Easter. I don't know why I've never tried making them myself, probably because I'd eat a tray that size just by myself and who needs that guilt!?

    On a totally unrelated topic, is there any way for you to set the comment section to remember people so I don't have to always fill in my name, mail and website info.? Call me lazy, but, well, I am!

  4. Hmmm... I dunno! I'll check it out!

    If there is no option, maybe you could enable the cookies in your browser..? Then you'd only have to type the first couple letters. I'll see if there's something here on my end, though.

  5. That would serve the 4 of Clubbs quite nicely, you are correct. :)