Thursday, July 24, 2008

Salad Week: Buffalo Chicken

Are you ready for something fun and exciting? I THOUGHT YOU WERE. And I'm here to help.

In honor of this mother of a hot summer, and in honor of the fact that my beloved lettuce no longer makes me sick to look at, I'm posting a new salad every day for a week. Because we've been eating a lot of them, because they keep you regular, and because dang, did I mention? IT IS FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE.

First up is the fattiest salad of the bunch. Still, when you consider that every time I eat this, I don't have my fat ass over at Hooters with my face in a platter of chicken wings, it's almost like a diet food.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

I've got Romaine lettuce, diced celery, full-fat Marie's bleu cheese dressing, a few chow mein noodles, shredded cheddar, and about three diced buffalo-style chicken fingers on this sweet baby. And I think I'm gonna have this one again tonight. Not for the faint of heart! You could lighten it up by using vinaigrette and a few bleu cheese crumbles instead of the Marie's (and no cheddar), but I won't be messing with that until after baby arrives, because studies show that higher-fat dairy products are good for pregnant women (and women who are trying to conceive). Jealous?


  1. That makes me feel better about the Chunky Monkey I consumed tonight after class. I like the way you think (and that salad looks.)

  2. Uhhh... I like this version. You start "lightening it up" and the taste goes out the window. Good stuff. Marie's dressings ROCK!