Monday, July 28, 2008

Salad Week: Ants on a Log, and Cambezola!

Is it a salad? Well, I think so. It ain't BBQ...

Ants on a Log

(Heeeyyyy... Check out those aging carrot sticks! Appetizing, no?) I don't remember where I first saw this snack called "Ants on a Log," but I think it's cute. I like to spread it not with whole peanut butter, but instead to make a lower-fat spread first. I empty a container of lowfat or fat-free cream cheese into a bowl, add a couple of tablespoons peanut butter, a couple tablespoons of honey, and beat it with the mixer. It spreads easier, and I don't feel guilty about eating several. Then, of course, I add raisins as the "ants." Do yourself a favor: just dump out a bunch of raisins and press the "logs" into them. Don't press them one at a time onto the celery... Duh. Guess who wasted precious eating time on that endeavor?

This is really a kid-type snack, but last time my brother visited, he and my husband were content to snack on these with a couple of beers while I made dinner. And no, my house is not nearly so misogynist as that sounds. Because I totally deserved the beating they gave me before that.

And here's a little "double," since I didn't post on Sunday (I was sweating my baby off at the Brewer's game. What was I thinking? Deadly heartburn set in from the nachos supreme, my hands got to be the size of boxing mitts, and my feet took on a Flintstone-like appearance. Fred, not Wilma. We left at the seventh.)

They sell a bastard cheese at Trader Joe's called Cambezola! (And no, I can't say that without the exclamation mark attached at the end. The name reminds me of some type of drug-fueled sixties happening.) It appears to be a combo of Camembert and Gorgonzola, and is quite good, and it makes a fantastic snack with green apples. You'll feel like you're eating... Well... salad!


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