Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Fancy Hostess

While getting larger and larger, I think Chris has lost more and more weight "stepping and fetching" for me: because getting up off the couch is just hard right now. While sick in the first trimester, I didn't get up much at all. I'd like to say that I'm just as active as I was before I got pregnant, but contrary to my high expectations for myself, taking a slow walk for a half hour is a real source of pride for me right now. When I used to be heard saying, "Hey! I did FIVE miles in under 45 minutes today!" you might now hear me saying, "Hey! I totally got up and walked after my nap today, instead of just eating and going back to bed!" I need a t-shirt that says, "Just Happy to be Ambulatory." And maybe it should have one of those slow-moving alert triangles on the back.

To further disappoint those who haven't yet walked a half-mile in a pregnant lady's overstuffed shoes, I must also admit that I've fallen into the habit of a little something sweet and a big glass of milk before bed. I sleep so much better this way. And I've been watching a lot of cook shows, like "Next Food Network Star" since the nausea left town. I think it is rubbing off on Chris, because he fancied up my snack the other day. Dig the chocolate swirl!

Fancy Hostess Cupcake

The plates are some that I found on deep discount after last Halloween at Jewel. They were in stacks as sets, with the black crow figure interchanged with a black cat silhouette, a jack-o-lantern, or a spider. I mined out all the crows that I could find and just bought those (and I don't remember where I acquired the Miss Piggy "Pigs in Space" Welch's glass, but she's been with me a long time.)

Thanks, Chris, for all your stepping and fetching. You'll get your wife back, at least somewhat, before the year is out!


  1. That's just funny. For so many reasons.
    And it makes me still wish I had The Great Muppet Caper glasses from my childhood. I think those were from McDonalds?

  2. So...how far along are you now? When's the big day? Do you guys know what you're having? Sorry for all the questions (and for being nosey) but I'm dying to know some details! :)

  3. Hello Home Cook! I'm sorry I have been so absent from your blog. I do read it, though!

    I'm due at the end of September. We don't wanna find out what we're having, but at 32 weeks, it is getting tough to not find out!! The suspense is getting to me.

    And no, I don't think you're nosy! :) Thanks for sticking around...

  4. Oooh...September babies are great! I can't believe you're so far along already. Congrats again. And I can't believe you guys didn't find out. The suspense would kill me. :)