Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#12 Beach Club, Hold the Mayo, Tomato, and Cucumber

I'm eating my third Jimmy John's sandwich this week at this moment. It is a very plain sandwich, minus several veggies that I normally find appealing, and it is often the only thing I can think of in the whole entire world that doesn't make me want to hwarf at the concept of eating. I have some friends who have been told to avoid coldcuts while pregnant, but I am slipping by on the loophole right now that my doctor hasn't mentioned it. I also know that Chris would be a lot happier if I could find something at the grocery store that I would like to eat, but try as I might, sometimes I can't think of one single thing. One thing made him happy, though: we switched my meds to Costco tonight (from Walgreen's), and found that they cost TEN times less. That's right, down from $300 to $30 for no discernible reason. Yay! Let's celebrate with a sandwich!

This is the type of culinary thrill-ride that I've left you guys out of the loop on for way too long, and I've decided to begin to share again. You're welcome!


  1. Yikes and WOW on the COSTCO savings.. I go there all the time.. so now you've helped me too. Good luck.. stay healthy/happy/and EAT to keep yourself feeling good.

  2. Oh my gosh...with Eli, one of my big cravings was the #13 at Jimmy Johns (gourmet veggie on whole wheat; half the cheese; twice the avocado.) That's my favorite sandwich in the whole world anyway, but it was more of a NEED while expecting him...along with Sonic Diet Cherry Limade. :) I am glad that you have found something, anything that sounds good to you and you can eat. Also, congrats on the lower price meds! Now, e-mail me so we can tawk P/R finale!!!

  3. Hey, I hope you got to enjoy something that tasted good to you for your birthday! :)

  4. Haaaaaapppy Biiiirthdaaaay toooo yooooouuu....

    Haaaapppy Biiirthdaaaay tooo youuuuu.....

    Haaaaapppy BIIIRTHDAAAAY dear Giiiinaaaaaa....

    Haaaapppy Biirtdaaaaay toooo yoooooou..

    Now keep eating the JJ before I call child protective services for endangement.