Thursday, February 28, 2008

Okay, So Here's What Happened

I dunno if any of my ol' food blog buddies or friends that read my blog are still out there... But I feel an explanation for my long absence is in order.

I am currently close to ten weeks pregnant. My husband and I are very happy and excited. This is our first child, and there is plenty of reason to celebrate. The problem is, I had been very sick in the last few weeks. I was basically crawling to the bathroom and back to bed even until last week. My doctor put me on some meds (it was either that or be given fluids) and thankfully they helped quite a bit. Even though the medicine, Zofran, costs more than I imagine many illegal substances do (even with insurance coverage), I'm grateful that something worked.

When the sickness first hit, my husband and I were on a cruise ship, on a trip that we'd been planning for six months or so. Suddenly I couldn't stand the smell or the taste of any of the food on the boat, and I spent the second half of the trip doubled over in pain from I still don't know what. Stomach acid? I couldn't call my regular doctor or any friends ($7.99 a minute to call out), and the Carnival ship's nurse was an incredible bitch who told me (amongst other things) that there was nothing I could safely take since I was pregnant (not true: Tums, Mylanta and Pepcid are all now on my ok list), and why didn't I just try drinking some milk? As if I hadn't tried that already. She wouldn't allow me to talk to the ship's doctor because in her words, "I needed to take her word for it." All I could keep down were some Cheerios for several days. Don't get sick on a cruise, people.

Anyway, my point is that ever since the vaguely seafood-ish, definitely revolting odor that was present everywhere on that ship, I have had a very tenuous relationship with food. I don't have cravings yet, but I have some intense food aversions. For awhile, all I could stand was "tinned food": canned soup, chicken salad, Spaghetti-O's -- you know -- crap. The type of crap I don't normally look at in the store, let alone bring home with me. And now I can't stand that stuff, so I have a cabinet full of canned soup that Chris has to eat for me, a little at a time. And he didn't want any of it in the first place. And don't get me started on the odor in my refrigerator that apparently only I can detect. I have to hold my breath every time I open the door.

So what I'm saying is, I dunno if I can stand to blog about food just yet. Hunger and appetite as I knew them are long gone (I get nauseous, never hungry), and I have to keep telling myself that one day I will get to have my body to myself again. Right now I'm fighting a mental battle between the spicier foods that I like, and the stomach acid that I know will ensue if I dare to eat Indian food or, heaven forbid, drink a Fresca (I might as well suck on a car battery). But I've continued to improve, so I might soon be able to think about food long enough to write about it. I am hopeful. And I have enough stock photos and stories that I can start again quite soon.

Hang in there with me just a bit longer if you can. I'm looking forward to blogging about cravings in my second trimester, the post-birth mommy diet, and homemade baby food one day!


  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be an auntie! Can't wait to fatten that lil' bastard up.

  2. :) I hope you keep getting better and food is appealing again sooner rather than later. You've had a much rougher iniation to being pg than most.
    I'll look forward to seeing new recipes as certain things sound good to you. (Bob always wondered who I had become while I was expecting and I suddenly wanted buffalo chicken in a bad way and ordered stuff when we were out that weren't usually my favorites.)

  3. Congratulations, you two!

    Sorry you're feeling so gross, Gina. Apples and bagels were my two best friends during both my first trimesters. I also felt a lot better when I had a plastic bag in my coat pocket (nice, eh?)

    I hope it passes quickly and that the super-expensive meds work in the meantime!

  4. Hey Gina girl, glad you are back, I have missed you but figured you were very busy moving, etc. Congratulations to you and husband - hang in there - God only gives us what we can handle although sometimes he pushes a little but we are mothers and mothers to be and are strong. It is well worth it. Love, Grandma Shirley

  5. Hey Gina,

    Congratulation to you both. Great news, and I understand about all the weird smells and stuff. My daughter is pregnant and going through the same sorts of things. I hope you start to feel better soon. Chicken soup??? - something easy and not too heavy? I hope it all clears up for you soon -'cause I think you're a great cook!!

    Best wishes,


  6. In the meantime, I am happy to take over posting to your blog for you. I'll be featuring some great recipes over the next few months, such as pickled pig's feet with head cheese fondue, sun-fermented squid eggs in vinegar, homemade catgut chili, and two dishes I like to call simply "chikety-chunk" and "scrapins."

    All with full color detailed pics, of course! So never fear!!

  7. Oh man, Dave. I've never laughed, and thrown up into my mouth a little at the same time before. Interesting!

  8. congrats to you !!! NOW THEN, get some Cokes..... not diet.........keep in frig & just at the bedside. Sip it........don't worry about the fat, calories or will help you. Coke & plain old crackers........congrats again !!!!
    I wondered where you were....

  9. Gina - I posted before but it didn't go thru - Congratulations to you two. Hang in there - HE never gives you more than you can handle. Love, Gr. Shirley

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news!

  11. Yay! I am so thrilled for you guys. What amazing news. I'm sorry to hear about your's hoping it goes away fast!