Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello Again Paula, You're Looking Fine

Guess what I did yesterday? I asked my husband this very question, and he said, "Went for a walk?" I said no. He said, "Put up the new chandelier?" I said, uh, no. I watched Paula Deen! A whole show! I'm not sure he got the significance of that. But after being unable to look at a print ad of food, let alone sit through a single television commercial (I hate you more than ever, Quizno's) for the last two months, watching a WHOLE cooking show is a momentous occasion.

And are you ready for this? I even shopped for, and cooked one of the items she made (beefy mac, though of course I didn't actually consult her recipe at all. Not EVERYthing has changed around here). There just may be hope for me yet. (Okay, I'm still too preoccupied to post a picture quite yet, but soon. Soon...)


  1. Yay You!!!! :) I am so happy to hear this. Keep your chin up and your food down sister. Hope you enjoyed the mac.

  2. Man, you went from not being able to look at food in print to Paula Dean? And 'beefy mac'? Someone's feeling better! I don't know if I could handle that now...