Friday, January 11, 2008

Still Here!

I just wrote an email to my friend Brooke that I think pretty much sums up my current situation, including my culinary environment at the moment:

"I haven't cooked in a week at least. It is so weird! I'm in my kitchen, but we haven't unearthed the pots or the dishes yet. There is a mountain of boxes in the living room, a ton still in the Pod in the driveway, and a whole storage unit full of stuff that we have to empty. And several pieces of used furniture that I have 30 days to pick up from a store that I bought yesterday. And I've been going berserk measuring windows and selecting on-sale window treatments. I also picked my paint colors. So most of the time, it is Taco Bell night around here... I can't wait to get back to normal. I'm gonna have ten pounds to lose by the time that treadmill finally goes in downstairs! :P

In fact, I may clip this last bit out and post it on my food blog. My poor blogs..."

So there you have it. Last night we got a rotisserie chicken and some steamed veggies from "Essence of Europe," the eastern European grocery store close to our house, and that was the culinary treat of the week. Hang in there, when I scale these boxes, I will soon be posting again. At least we have our internet and cable hooked up! We moved just a few miles, but I had an attack last night when I discovered that Bravo wasn't a part of our basic cable package. I am sad to tell you that I paid an extra $15 a month just to get it. I can't live without Bravo... But now we get "On Demand" (whatever that is), and the Sci-Fi channel (hello, my fellow nerds!), the DIY channel and some other stuff I like. So we reduced our Netflix package to compensate.

Anyhoo, thanks for hanging in there with me. Look for some foodie posts in the next 3 days or so! Now on to this unpacking...

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