Monday, March 26, 2007

The Low-Carb Experiment (2 of 3)

Okay, let the suspense end. I don't want to get back to studying for my National Board Exam tomorrow, anyway. (I'll be crying in my coffee tonight.)

There was a recipe for salmon cakes on Epicurious or one of those... I took a quick look and then ran with it. I used a couple of pouches of salmon, seasoned them (garlic powder, salt and pepper), chopped some bell pepper, dill, and parsely, and some scallions. I added just a few tablespoons of light mayo, one egg, and a TON of parmesan cheese (don't know how much, just weigh out "one ton.") I figured if parmesan made those nice little crusts on my Saganaki Chicken, it could do the same in this recipe, instead of the carb-offensive breadcrumb. I balanced the mayo/parm until it just nicely hung together and was still a little wet.

I pan-fried the cakes in just a little oil. It was a bit of a trick, experimenting with oil vs. no oil. I think they worked better with less oil, but don't expect them to ever flip flapjack-style as a nice cohesive unit. Wait a couple of minutes before you move the sucker at all, then just shove the spatula under, check underneath for toastiness, say a little prayer, and turn. (Multiple flipping isn't really an option, so just be patient before you flip the first time.) I removed them from the pan and let them drain on paper towels.

I squeezed plenty of lemon juice over the whole thing, served it with avocado, and slathered it in the Yogurt Dip as I chowed down. Holy moly, it was good. So good that I don't think I'll stick with the parmesan as my "official" recipe. It's a keeper! They also re-heated really well, as Chris found out when he got home, and mom and I had been making and eating lunch for most of the afternoon.

Also thought I'd take this opportunity to post a sad little "retro pic" (taken with the old junior-high camera) of a salmon log I made a long time ago with the Kraft Southbeach Book. I gave it to Ma, so I can't check... But it is basically low or nonfat cream cheese, a couple of drops of liquid smoke, S & P, diced onion, and flaked salmon (drained well and paper towel-patted). I mixed well, formed it into a log shape with plastic wrap, and rolled it in sliced almonds and parsely. I served it with crudite for a nice summery meal (and whole-wheat crackers, because I've never really been on the Diet per se). Kept nicely in the fridge for a couple of days!

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