Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chili Con Carne

I don't know how chili and the Superbowl came together, but somehow it became defined as "man food." Probably because of the farting that sometimes follows. Still, despite the risks, I've made a lot of chili recipes, and I've enjoyed most of them. Chili con carne is usually made with sliced up chuck roast instead of the usual ground beef, and it seems kind of special. (In the "black bow tie" way, not the "Church Lady" way. No, wait, in that way too.)

I made a chili con carne recipe from either Eating Well magazine, or Cooking Light... And I'll be darned if I can find it, even on their websites. I remember, because there was a misprint about when to add the beef back in, and they typed a correction in the next issue (I have a LOT of issues. Yes, also in that way). Well, if I find the exact recipe, I'll update the post. Meantime, it was very, very similar to this one. Many recipes for chili con carne don't have any beans in them, but this one is a little more healthy.

Chili is all about the toppings, so don't forget the light sour cream, the avocado, the limes and the cilantro. And if there are some, hmm, undesirable side effects later on, just remember this too shall pass (yes... in that way).

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