Friday, January 9, 2009

Roast Chicken with Gravy and Mediterranean Stuffing

What a fancy title! For what will probably be one of my shortest posts ever...

I was in the mood for some thanksgiving-style turkey and stuffing one day, but I also had sort of a salt/savory craving. Also, I felt inordinately lazy (yes, I was pregnant.)

mediterranean stuffing

I had some pre-made "Mediterranean salad": the kind you find in the deli section at Jewel, near the hummus and pre-made meals. It had beans, couscous, carrots, parsley and other grains and seasonings in a vinaigrette dressing. I mixed up some Stouffer's stuffing, and added the bean salad to it. I also added some pitted and diced calamata olives to it. Voila! Mediterranean-style stuffing.

I continued on my cheating bender and purchased a rotisserie chicken. I made gravy by using the drippings in the bottom of the container. I added them to a pan, then sprinkled on flour to make a roux, and added chicken broth and seasoning until I liked the taste.

mediterranean stuffing

Scratched that itch, and with as little energy expended as a football-viewing couch potato might use to scratch his expanding midsection.

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