Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've been gone so long!

Chris and I went back to Portland, this time together. We both loved it. I got back on the train the day after we flew back here, to go to my mom's. And that was lots of fun, too. I'm really blessed to have the type of family that likes to sit around and laugh (on both sides). I only have two first cousins in the whole world (how un-Italian-like, and they're on the non-Italian side of my family), and they are funny, funny people. I feel very fortunate.

Anyway, I have pics of Portland (again), and I don't know what-all, since I haven't been able to face the prospect of unloading my camera and phone of all they contain. Tomorrow and Tuesday I work two long days (that's okay considering I have taken so much vacation -- the practice has been slow, anyway), and then off to Bourbonnais for Thanksgiving. My boss is giving us each a turkey for our families, so I will be hauling that down in a cooler for Wilma and I to cook!

Anyway, I will post today, and my apologies again if I am in and out all week (or out, mostly.) The funny thing is, I am up to a record number of hits-per-day and growing, so it doesn't seem to matter so much whether I am here of not. :)

Talk to you soon!


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