Sunday, October 21, 2007

Resi's Bierstube

Happy Oktoberfest, if a bit late, to everyone! Chris and I love good beer, and we are lucky enough to have some friends that like the same types of dark brew that we do. Last year, we went to Resi's Bierstube on Irving Park Road. We didn't eat there, but we went after a meal to enjoy the beer garden and some drinks. I love the atmosphere of the place (kind of like your German grandparents rec-room, as I imagine it might be) inside and out, and if I lived in the neighborhood, I would hang out there until "everybody knew my name, and was always glad I came." We enjoyed some dark, ice-cold brews, and took some silly pictures.

I love that photo because I think Chris looks like a Berenstain Bear. Anyway. And then, there is Greg and I:

Yes, I made the face on purpose. No, I didn't expect the results to be quite that good.

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