Friday, September 1, 2006

Mi Casita

Last time I went to see Ma, we had planned to go to Alfonso's (in Lawrenceville, IL), but when I ran in just minutes before our meal was to take place, the owner was a jerk about me using her restroom. So we decided we wouldn't ever eat there again (we are tiny, yet vengeful people).

So we trotted over to what is pretty much the only other ethnic place in town (this strike on Italian food may not be an easy one for Ma, since she lives there year-round): Mi Casita. Ma said it hasn't been there long, but she loves their food. Well, so did I! Ma had her current favorite, the "quesadilla texana." It had steak strips inside, and a seasoning like I haven't ever had. It wasn't carne asada or anything I'm familiar with, but it sure was savory:

I'm ashamed to say it, but I don't actuall remember what mine was called. I'm also ashamed to say that I tore through half of the dish before I remembered my duty to take a photograph. It was a creamy, chihuahua cheese enchilada platter, with shredded chicken in green chile sauce on the top:

I finished all of it, and you can see in the upper right, a corner of Ma's texana, too. I've had no small amount of Mexican food in my lifetime, and I've been to many places in Chicago (such as one that may have some wonderful guacamole, but was otherwise disappointing) that were much more expensive.... but I can honestly say I don't think I've ever enjoyed any Tex-Mex or Mexican meal quite so much as that one. So if you're ever in Lawrenceville (and believe me, if you are, you're gonna want ethnic food like a parched man needs water)... this is the spot!

And good thing, too, since the Italian joint is dead to me forever... Vendetta! Vendetta!

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