Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bun I've Been Cookin'

Here's where I've been... I had the baby at the end of September. Her name is Ruby, and she is perfect. (The best thing I ever made, ha ha ha.)

I personally have been on Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating since she was born, which is actually pretty good. It was a good time to do it, since I haven't had the time or the energy to cook. Still, this way I've lost some of the weight and avoided the temptation to go the fast food route. Chris has been cooking for himself, and I must say he's been doing a fine job of it. Check out the side-by-side comparison. Here is one of my Seattle meals, which was decent (chicken breast on a bagel, plus kiwi fruit):

And here is the sandwich that Chris made for himself:

I'd have to go with his, wouldn't you? Anyway, I'm coming up on week five on the diet (I can't believe she is that old already), and it may be my last. I'm already down 25 pounds (though most of that was fluid and a baby who was nearly nine pounds), and I think I just about have her routine worked out so I may be able to get back to cooking.

For one more week, I'll be re-heating the pre-made meals, and just using the kitchen to make the bottles every day!

Thanks for your patience. Hope everyone has been well, and getting more sleep than we have!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! Ruby is gorgeous and I'm happy to hear you're all doing well. I kept checking back every few days to see if you'd posted about having the baby since I remember you said you were due the end of September.

  2. Congratulations Gina - and welcome RUBY!. My daughter just had a baby on 8/19 and is getting adjusted. Let us know when she has her first pasta and meatballs!

  3. Aw, Ruby. So cute we could eat you up! :)
    Congrats on losing the baby weight so quickly. I was surprised how well it came off the first two's hoping that being in my 30s now won't mess that run up.
    I would like to show this post to my dad who seems to not be able to make a sandwich by himself. I still remember the first time he and Bob were left alone together while mom and I went out to do some shopping or something. Dad was really pissed off when we got home because "what about my lunch?" Bob said quietly to me, "I don't even live here and I know where the cold cuts and bread are." :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy to hear all is well - Ruby is beautiful! And what a great birthstone. :)