Friday, May 9, 2008

Hooters Hot Wings

Chris and I both like buffalo wings. My favorites are actually the ones my brother used to fry up in the kitchen at Ruby Tuesday's, when he and I both worked there. That was twelve years ago now (wow.) He would always make his crazy off-the-menu hot, not so hot for me.

Now Ruby's is under new ownership (the whole chain, that is), and I dunno if their wings are the same or not. Chris likes the wings at the Ram Brewery, and they are actually the ones that remind me most of the ones that David used to make back when. But you know what? I think my favorites are the buffalo wings at Hooters. (I'm taking you to the menu here, sparing you the chatty waitress on the homepage. Click on "chicken wings.") They are breaded (you can get them without), and more like fried chicken. The hot sauce is sort of inside the breading, so you don't get the sauce all over your face (but if you're me, you get the bleu cheese there, anyway.)

Remember when opening a new Hooters was the talk of the town? I remember a big hoopla when they first opened one in Champaign. I dunno why people complained. I'm not really into women being objectified or anything, but I'm just saying that no one seemed to have a problem with the strip clubs just outside of town. The Hooters waitresses are dressed, after all. Somewhat.

I started eating at a Hooters when I lived in Nashville. It was literally in my backyard. I was shy about going in at first, and soon I was going by myself to sit down to a beer and some wings on the way back from work. The menu was more limited then... I seem to remember maybe burgers, an open-faced steak sandwich, the wings, and not much else. Chris likes their burgers.

Hooters Hamburger

Now Hooters has salads, healthier options, blah blah blah. I'll probably never try any of those things, because I don't know if I can go in there and not get the hot wings.

Hooters Hamburger

Chris accompanied me on a recent trip to get a replacement part for a sofa I had purchased out at Woodfield Mall (I can never buy a piece of assembly-required furniture that doesn't have a broken piece, it seems) and I practically hijacked the car when we drove past Hooters. I know he's been worried about the amount we've been eating out/driving through lately, but what can I do? When baby wants wings, baby wants wings.

Actually, I wonder if it was the hooters baby wanted...


  1. Oh, Silver Bullet... Does B-Don still check this blog? Remember the time you and Ed forced me to go there on the way home from a practice even though I was really tired (what else is new) and it was late and I just wanted to go home and sleep? Why couldn't my first strip club experience be a positive one? Damn you guys...

    On the food tip, ya, not crazy about their wings at Hooters. But those burgers are good.

    G and I had another really good burger recently, but had no cameras or camera phones with us. We'll have to go back, G, just for the purpose of taking photos! ;-)

  2. When I was expecting Eva, I craved Buffalo chicken-y stuff...something spicy, along with blue cheese dressing. I preferred it as a sandwich or salad so I didn't have to work so hard for the meat. Bob thought it was really weird as I had never had anything to do with that genre of food previously. I was into again with Eli, so I can't really say whether your baby wanted the wings or the hooters.