Thursday, December 20, 2007

Enjoy Your Lunch with Grendel

I am so sorry about my infrequent posting of late... I have been cooking all week, however, just to keep myself sane in between the house-hunting. We put an offer on a house, which we have retracted based on the results of the home inspection. That's one that we paid for with real money, and one inspection by a lovely architect named Marco that we met through my friend Maira. We paid Marco with a bolognese pasta dinner I made him. And fudge.

I have a few photos of that for later, but for now I have something that you must read. My brother is the funniest person on earth, and when you read this account of his lunch with his boss (have a strong stomach), you'll see that I'm in no way biased.


  1. Thanks, G! I'm so glad something good came out of it. :)

  2. Jason and I both loved the post on your brother's blog (and we enjoyed the link to the same story on his co-worker's blog as well.) But I am so confused by the fact that the coworker referred to your bro as "James". What is up with that? How many aliases does the man have?