Sunday, February 18, 2007

Matcha Latte

Remember when I posted mournfully about the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf frozen matcha drink that I can't get here in the midwest? Well I figured out a first-rate substitution! And I couldn't be happier if I had flipping yellow butterflies floating out of my ears. To the tune of "Grazin' in the Grass." On pan flute.

Trader Joe's has come to my rescue yet again. I had read about their matcha beverage on the fabulous Super Eggplant. She was less than thrilled with the drink mixed up hot, as it is intended. But I thought it might be just the thing for a frozen version. I put the recommended amount (3 tblesp.) in the blender, with an "eyeballed" amount of ice and fat-free milk.

It was really excellent -- similar to Coffee Bean's version, though not quite as perfect... But then, how could it be? Still, with some whipped cream on top, it was not too sweet and very tasty. I am very pleased...

Can you believe I am drinking stuff like this with umpteen inches of snow on the ground? I must really miss California.

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