Friday, July 14, 2006

Cap'tn Nemo's Sub Sandwiches

I thought this entry might go good with an egg creme.

Chris recently objected to the same-'ol Subway sammich and asked if we could try someplace different. I was going to Subway to get something low-fat, and I ended up getting the Conqueror at Cap'tn Nemo's -- so while my hips paid the price somewhat, I still really enjoyed the sammy. It has liverwurst and salami. It is entirely possible I have had neither of those since my father last purchased them... and what a treat it was.

I pulled up the sandwich maker short on the "secret sauce," but I wish I hadn't. It tastes like an oil mixture with lots of seasoning salt in it. Next time I will go for broke and just have her drench the thing. I mean, as long as you're eating liverwurst and salami, why not?

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